Mondays, Maggie Muses: Retro Travel Posters

Hi, I’m Maggie. My husband (Legh) and I own re-souL. I like to “muse” about things that inspire me. Especially on Mondays.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Augustine of Hippo

In my opinion, Traveling is one of the best things in life. It’s a time to go explore new places, rediscover some favorites or maybe revisit the old places of our youth.  It is good for the soul,  a time to connect with others and experience new things.

Travel used to be quite romantic, especially in the 1950’s and 1960’s when it was an exotic and an elegant adventure.  I can even remember in the 70’s, my parents would plan out our entire wardrobe for our trips. My mother would dress us in our “plane” clothes which were not necessarily comfortable, but we were a fine looking bunch!  We even had matching purple Samsonite luggage. There were no problems finding our suitcases in baggage claim.


Vintage Braniff Airlines poster via flickr.

Today, the glamour has fallen out of travel.  Witness the masses in their sweatpants and (practically) pajamas, waiting to board their plane.  Comfort is king at the airports!  Crowded flights, uncomfortable seats and practically no amenities, really who can blame them? The marketing is also radically different today, it seems that today’s advertisements  flaunt unattainable luxury or are splattered with gaudy banners of spectacular travel deals.

So you can see why today, I muse about the vintage travel posters.  I particularly like the style of these posters because they are clean and simple.  They focus more on the art and are less about the advertisement.  They are stylish and remind me how much I love to travel, fire my imagination, make me want to go visit and experience these alluring locations.


David Klein via Vintage Poster Blog


India from Swiss Air and Mid-century travel poster to Japan by Toshio Fukai via Pinterest


Jet service to Africa, Union Aeromaritime de Transport by Jean Colin via flickr.

Although we don’t typically see posters like this anymore, Heads of State, a design and illustration studio, has some really nice designs in their travel series.  I really like this one, wonder why?


The Emerald City by Heads of State.

I also love this one by Turnstyle Studio. Makes me want to buy new luggage,  dress up, take travel back!  Yeah,  I want my glamour back!


Teague Take Travel Back, design by Turnstyle.

All these posters are giving me some serious wanderlust.  Better go plan a weekend getaway to suffice my craving.  Ooh, maybe I should by a new carry-on. What do you think?

Mondays, Maggie Muses: A visit to Las Gaviotas

Hi, I’m Maggie. My husband (Legh) and I own re-souL.   I like to “muse” about things that inspire me.  Especially on Mondays.

Around this time of year, when I crave the sun and I have grown weary of the rain, I long for a visit to my childhood home in Baja California.  My parents had a small beach house south of Rosarito in a resort community called Las Gaviotas.  That beach house eventually became our all-year-round house and it was a great place to grow up.


In the winter, we would go for long walks and watch the waves crash on the blowhole.  During low tide, we would search for crabs and poke at the sea anemones.  In the summer, we would swim, boogie board and surf for days on end and have bonfires at night.

Years have passed and so have my parents.  While the house no longer belongs to us,  I still get nostalgic and muse about going back to Las Gaviotas for some fun in the sun.

More pictures  and  information about Las Gaviotas can be found here and here.

4 Days in Milan, Italy

Back in March, we took our biannual trip to Milan to attend a shoe fair.  Here is a travel diary in pictures of the things we saw, food we ate and places we enjoyed when we were not previewing fall 2013 shoe trends.  Click on the photos below for details.

Mondays, Maggie Muses: Copenhagen

Hi, I’m Maggie. My husband (Legh) and I own re-souL.   I like to “muse” about things that inspire me.  Especially on Mondays.

I love Copenhagen.  I would love to go back.  I had been fortunate in years pasts to visit this lovely city from time to time.  But it was never for more than 24 hours.  It was always an evening layover on my way back from Europe to Seattle.  I would be so excited about arriving and then a little disappointed when I had to leave.  Of course the highlight for me was staying at the SAS Raddison Royal (designed by Arne Jacobsen).  It was across the street from Tivoli Gardens and with-in walking distance to the city center.  At the time, the Royal was newly renovated back to it’s glorious mid-century modern look.  My room at the hotel looked similar to this.

 Just getting a taste of the city always left me wanting to see more.  If I ever get back to Copenhagen, here are some of the places I would like to visit for the first time and others I would like to discover anew.

First I would go for a walk here.

Amegertorv, Copenhagen

And walk further till I got to here.

Nyhaven, Copenhagen

I would like to have a coffee here.

Hotel Central and Cafe image via Flair Magazine

And though I love the Raddison Royal, I would like to stay here.

I would have to shop here.


Hay House via Remodelista

And shop here.

Nag Store image via Line Klein

I would have to have an open-face sandwich here.

And last but certainly not least, eat dinner here.


NOMA, Copenhagen

Wow, that 24 hours went by quick!  What to do for the next?

Mondays, Maggie Muses: Top 10 Travel Must Haves

Hi, I’m Maggie. My husband (Legh) and I own re-souL.   I like to “muse” about things that inspire me.  Especially on Mondays.

With the trip we recently took to Milan for business, I started to think about what are my most absolute, cannot live without things I must have for travel.  I travel pretty light, but even I cannot live without certain items.  These things for me,  can make the difference between having a “I am comfortable and feel good”  trip or a sort of  ” I look awful and I’m miserable” kind of trip.

Top 10 items for travel

1.  When traveling overseas by myself,  I do a carry-on and never check my luggage.  ( Not so when traveling with my husband or family, don’t ask. ) I have been lusting after this Rimowa for awhile now.  It will be my next big investment piece, the carry-on I have now has lasted over 12 years. Quality does matter when it comes to luggage.

2. This time of year, weather can be fickle.  I like to pack a lightweight anorak  style jacket with a hood.  It can protect me against  the elements of rain and wind, but also keep me comfortable on sunnier days too.

3. A long drape cardigan that looks professional but is still comfortable.  I usually take a neutral color that can be worn with everything.

4. A long or oversized scarf that can be styled different ways.  It can also double as a small blanket, my must have for keeping warm in the plane cabin.

5. Black leggings.  I cannot travel to Europe and not be comfortable.  I usually pair them with a knit tunic or a t-shirt and a long cardigan.

6. A pair of boots that are stylish and comfortable.   I usually pack a pair of  Fiorentini and Baker’s. They never hurt my feet and I can walk for miles in them.

7.  My iPad.  I use it for work and entertainment purposes. I would be lost without it.

8.  A pair of comfortable flats in a neutral color.  I like wearing flats on the flight, especially when going through security or having to walk in the terminal to the next connecting flight.

9. My flat iron and electrical converter.  I have big wavy hair.  Have you tried blow drying your hair with one those euro hair dyers at the hotel? Trust me, it’s not fun.  The flat iron fixes my hair woes in a jiffy.

10.  A sturdy tote.  Especially ones in canvas ( less weight to carry) with a handle and shoulder strap.  You can carry all your necessities on the plane and use it as a work bag once you land.

What are your travel must haves?  All shoes from re-souL.  All other item links can be found on our re-souL Polyvore profile.

Travel Journal: Milan/MICAM Day 3 & 4

This is a continuation of a previous post. To read Part 1 and 2, go here then here.


Another night of restless sleep, but I had a super busy day ahead of me. No rest for the weary! So I passed on the platform sandals and wore some flats instead. I knew my feet would be happier in the long run because I had a lot of walking to do!

Entrance to Fiera Milano

Off to the show I went. I worked with several of our vendors detailing styles, colors and taking pictures so I would know what to buy when I got back to Seattle. It’s fun, but around 3:00 the jet lag set in so I decide to call it quits for the day. Sometimes it’s best to stop when you are tired, otherwise you come back home and think, “what was I doing buying that purple suede, orange platform boot?”

Vialis Spring 2013

I opt to take the green line to the Moscova stop and shop via Garibaldi. I love all the shop windows and how these small stores take pride in their businesses. Whether its a clothing boutique or a grocery store, it doesn’t matter. The art of merchandising and display is alive and well in this city.

A shop window at a tile store.

After a little rest, I meet my friends for dinner at Pepino. Good company and great food make all the difference when you are traveling for work. It’s a nice way to decompress from the long day. By the time I got back to my room it was almost midnight!


Last day in Milan. Cristina meets me at the show entrance at 9:30 am. We only have a few vendors to visit and we finish very quickly. We have been working together for years and as a team we are very efficient. I thank her for her time and we say our goodbyes. We look forward to seeing each other again in March.

The grounds at Fiera Milano

There is still a couple of neighborhoods I hadn’t shopped so I take the subway back to the Brera neighborhood to have a little lunch and shop more windows. By 3:00, I am all shopped out so I head back to the hotel for some rest.

A florist shop in the Brera neighborhood.

In the early evening I grab my i-Pad and visit my favorite bar in the neighborhood, the Mag Bar. I start blogging my first entry for this series. A couple of Aperol Spritz later, I start to get hungry. I walk to a pizza-to-go place, grab my food to take it to my room, eat and finish packing. I force myself to go to bed early for a cab awaits me at 5:30 am to take me to the Linate airport in the morning.

Mag Bar

Blogging and enjoying an Aperol Spritz.

It was a good trip, but I was ready to come home. You’ll just have to wait until January to start seeing all the new spring collections coming to re-souL. I hope you will be pleased.

Travel Journal: Milan/MICAM Day 2

This is a continuation of a previous post. To read part 1, go here.


I woke up 3 times during the night. Maybe the nap wasn’t such a good idea? My feet already hurt,  but I decide to brave my platform sandals anyway. I joke that “sassy Maggie” comes out when I am in Italy. I tend to dress up a little more when I am in Milan. (I must have blended right in because 3 strangers at different times asked me for directions in Italian.)

Ripa di Navigli B&B

I walk to Porta Genova to take the green line to Cadorna and switch to the red line to take it to RHO Fiera. The convention center was built on the outskirts of the city center a few years ago (they had outgrown their facilities in town) and they extended the red line of the subway to conveniently end at the fair.

On a side note, it is super easy to get around Milan on the Metro. You can save yourself a chunk of change on cab fare if you are willing to walk and use the subway and bus system.

Fiera Milano

Bonsai theme at the visitor’s exhibition hall.

I get to the show and start to walk the halls. After awhile, you pretty much get a sense of what new trends are emerging. By the end of the day I had an idea of what would be popular for Spring 2013. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the new collections at re-souL next spring!

I had walked the entire show and it was time for me to leave, I was to meet my dear friend from Seattle (also in the shoe biz) at 10 Corso Como for an aperitif and then go to dinner.

After our  cocktails at the bar in Corso Como, we made our way back to the Navigli district. We ended up at NSC for dinner (again). It really was worth a second night for me. We later found out that NSC is short for Num Semm Chi. Which means “we are here” in the Milanese dialect for “noi siamo qui”. Cute, huh?

Navigli District

We finished our delicious dinner and it was late, so both my friend and I said our good nights and went our separate ways to our hotels to go to sleep.  Another busy day awaited me!

to be continued……