Studio Visit: Miishka Handbags

Miishka Handbags Studio One of the many pleasures of having our shop in Ballard is the times we find an opportunity to interact with our community. We have great restaurants, shops and artists working in our little neighborhood and nearly all the local businesses are owned and operated independently (ok, so we do have a Starbuck’s). We love being acquainted with so many entrepreneurs in our business community. Here’s a great example: We were seeking a resource for a simple wristlet bag for our shop, not a collection but a single item we could stock in many colors. We didn’t have to look far, right around the corner is an artist collective, Fifty Four Sixteen. Inside there is a group of spaces occupied by creative people of many disciplines. One of these creatives is Michelle Pozniak who, among other things, develops “Miishka Handbags”. She makes mostly custom and bespoke bags made from new leather, calfskin, pony hair and repurposed leather garments.

Michelle’s talents go far beyond handbags, one visit to her studio and you’ll be in awe of the eclectic talents of this artist. Pysanka eggs, soaps and blown glass surround the workspace, all of these are created by Michelle. On the walls, creative installations of some ordinary objects, arranged in a way that reflects the artist and the connection to her materials. The vintage machinery (a sewing machine from long ago, a vacuum cleaner that could have been her grandmother’s) are reminders that today’s technology just isn’t necessary. Continue reading

Mondays, Maggie Muses: Dream Office & Studio

Hi, I’m Maggie. My husband (Legh) and I own re-souL. I like to “muse” about things that inspire me. Especially on Mondays.

I keep pinning beautiful and inspiring work spaces to Pinterest.  I would love to have a new office/studio! But for now, our budget only allows for me to relegate my desk in a tiny corner of our daylight basement.  This is what my office looks like.  Functional but not at all pretty or inspiring.


It really is embarrassing and I can’t believe I am putting it all out there for the world to see. It doesn’t reflect the image of our shop and all my creative juice goes into our business.  Now if I only had the time to put some creative energy into my office.

Someday, if  I could ever have a studio,  I would definitely take cues from some of these gorgeous and inspiring work spaces.

Neon cube used to define office space via Vwoten

Neon cube used to define office space via Vwoten

I love the neon cube!  In my dream studio, (which of course would be in a loft)  I would like to do something artistic and open like this space.  Plenty of room to work on the creative stuff and a fun little desk area as my office.  It would be so cool! (Sigh)

Office with clipboard wall via Bodie and Fou

Office with clipboard wall via Bodie and Fou

The one thing I don’t like about my current situation, is that I don’t have  any wall space to put up my mood boards. Plus it’s part of the family room which wouldn’t be fair to the rest of my family to have all my stuff posted around.  If I had my own office, I would like to try this clipboard idea on the wall to put up all of my inspiring images, swatches and projects.  I also like the neutral elements – walls, desk,  and floor counter balanced with the pops of bright yellow. So fun!

White and black workspace by Stylizimo

Perfectly styled workspace by Stylizimo

This beautiful black and white space is so clean and organized!  Everything is picture perfect. I would have to throw out everything I own and start from scratch to attain this look.  Then be super disciplined to not add anything that wouldn’t fit its esthetic.  I probably couldn’t do it. Never mind.  But isn’t it amazing?!

Home office by Holly Marder via Decor8

Home office by Hedda Pier via Decor8

Holly from decor8 had a post on the recently remodeled Dutch home of Hedda Pier.  I was instantly smitten.  This office would be my ideal.  A nice big desk to work at, great storage for files, catalogs and plenty of wall for all my story boards.  Lots of natural light. Oh, if only.

Are you a creative person? What are your solutions for a small home office? As you can see I could totally use the help.  Need to go clean my desk now. It’s the least I can do. Have a great week!