Friday ~ Free Ballard: Todd Werny and Space Oddity

Many of you know that our shop is located in a really great Seattle neighborhood known as Ballard.  In all its history and hoopla, Ballard is also our home and we’re dedicating Fridays to telling everyone why we love it here. 

Today’s special little Ballard place is brought to you by Mr. Todd Werny by way of his tiny shop called Space Oddity.  It’s located “around the corner” from our shop and it’s underneath an art gallery, very easy to miss.  To say that the shop has an eclectic mix of items just wouldn’t do any justice to the place.  Todd is a collector of vintage things, ranging from the mid-century modern to rustic industrial and institutional.  Some things are perfect, some are hard worn.  He finds all sorts of unrelated items and brings them together, medical equipment, filing cabinets, laboratory elements, measuring devices.  Many of the items are repurposed, industrial racks as a storage solution, chemistry utensils as design elements in your home.  It’s not for everyone but for those with a keen eye, there’s some really great finds.

Space Oddity stocks items from another era, when things were built in America, by people with tools and machinery, in a simpler time.  The shop reminds us that production and manufacturing once occurred without the aid of robotics, automation and computer aided design.  A mechanical typewriter sits next to a device once used to measure Ph levels.  70’s era plastics are here and there, wooden school chairs and a hospital gurney.  And T-Shirts, designed by Todd with Ballard themes!

Space Oddity, entry

Todd himself comes from an era of punk rock and skateboarding.  Twenty years ago he started a motorcycle club that now has chapters all down the west coast.  Unrelated, he started Backfire Moto, a motor club specializing in cafe racer, vintage and rat bikes that meets up every month.

Space Oddity, menagerie

Locals know that anything at Space Oddity is likely one of a kind and the inventory turns regularly.  Regulars stop by once a week but even if you’re not local, you’re going to find cool stuff every time you go.

Space Oddity, custom t-shirts, beakers

Space Oddity is definitely NOT a pretentious place, it’s quite humble and Todd isn’t interested in gouging customers for top dollar collectible items.  Everything is priced properly and often you’ll find something very useful at a bargain price.  We have certainly found a number of things at Todd’s shop, we’ve purchased things for our home, for our office and fixtures at the shop.  Just another reason we love living in Ballard, good people, great places, great finds.

Space Oddity, mobile


Space Oddity, file cabinets

 Want to see more cool places in Ballard? Follow our Pinterest board “Free Ballard” here

Mondays, Maggie Muses: Paper Holiday Decorations

Tis the season to deck the halls! I love this time of year and I tend to get a little crazy with the decorating. So many great ideas out there on the web and Pinterest!  It makes my head spin. I thought I would stick with the paper theme again this year. I like using paper for decorations because it is relatively inexpensive and can be recycled when the holidays are over. Minimizing waste is always a good thing to do, even during the holidays, don’t you think?

This year in the shop I decided to recycle our paper straw wreaths from last year.  I painted them gold for an update and also made some simple paper ornaments in gold with touches of orange and aqua to hang on our white tree in the shop window.

It is our busiest time of the year, so not a great deal of time for crafting at home, but I like to do what I can .  I thought I would try and make paper decorations and these crafts seem like they would be simple enough to accomplish in a couple of hours.  Even during this season I am a “less is more” kind of gal and I like simple modern accents that can still make a statement. I collected my favorite ideas and hope you will find them inspiring too.

I found this oversized paper garland on the Happy Interior Blog and I absolutely love it. This has inspired me to style out our mantle at home in a similar fashion. I love the scale and the bright colors!

Paper Garland via Happy Interior Blog

I adore these simple orange neon paper stars I found on Fantas-tisch. Who says Christmas has to be all about green and red? You could recreate something similar with this tutorial I found here by

Neon Paper Stars via fantas-tisch

Neon Paper Stars via Fantas-Tisch

 A very clever advent calendar  created by Diana of Pygmy Cloud that you can make for yourself, the tutorial here.


Paper Trees Advent Calendar by Pygmy Cloud via Etsy

These geo paper ornaments are so lovely, I may have to try my hand at these too. Download and tutorial here.


Geo Ornaments via The Red Thread

These cardboard lit trees are so pretty and relatively easy to make  yourself, check out Chris’s tutorial here. 


Modern Table Top Christmas Trees via Curbly

For more ideas for the holidays follow my Pinterest board “Holiday Crafts and Decor”. 

Mondays, Maggie Muses: Moroccan Trends

Hi, I’m Maggie. My husband (Legh) and I own re-souL. I like to “muse” about things that inspire me. Especially on Mondays.

Moroccan design is by no means new.  However, it does seem to be having a resurgence and a strong influence on interior design, clothing and accessories as of late.  Bold rich colors, deep metallic finishes, repetition of patterns and symmetrical prints make it  an irresistible trend especially for warmer climates.  It is especially fresh when designers mix the traditional elements of moroccan design in a new modern way.


A moroccan lounge via Pinterest, Kelly Wearstler dress, moroccan purple nook


Living room with geometric tiles, bronze pendant lamp, Louise Gray dress detail


Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech, Cordani wedge, Rebecca Taylor dress

Mondays, Maggie Muses: A Real Living Room

Hi, I’m Maggie. My husband (Legh) and I own re-souL.   I like to “muse” about things that inspire me.  Especially on Mondays.

As I stare into what technically is supposed to be our living room, I get overwhelmed on how to change it into my dream space.  Right now its just a couple of nice armchairs and smack in the middle, a pup tent leftover from my son’s birthday party.  Did I mention that his birthday was months ago? I dare not move it, as he has turned it into his own personal library/reading room.  Anything that encourages “reading” in my book is a good thing, pun intended.

However, if I ever get inspired to change our situation, these are the living rooms that I would aspire to have:

Modern yet Elegant

Open and Clean

Retro Inspired

Eclectic and Comfortable

Artfully Curated

Hmm, I am starting to see a trend here. Oh well, guess I have to live with the pup tent a bit longer.  All images via Pinterest.