re-souL in Italy (pt. 3 of 5) : Alberto Fasciani

Entrance to the Fasciani Factory, unfinished boots on the last.

Taste, Tenacity and Determination….

If you’re familiar with re-souL, you’re probably aware of our shoe collections, many of which are specialty handmade products that we’ve imported. We are often asked about how this happens and while it is not as glamorous as you might imagine, we do travel to Italy twice each year, working to select the products that we feature in the shop. This post is the third in a five part series in which we’ll try to describe our trip, the places we go and the people with which we do business. ( If you haven’t read the first two parts in the ‘re-souL in Italy’ series, you can catch them here: Part 1, Part 2)

After the drive from Tuscany, through Umbria and into the Marche region we arrived into the small town of Fermo where the Alberto Fasciani product is produced. We were feeling very fortunate to be the guest of Alberto and his lovely wife Romina. Right away we knew that we’d arrived at our destination as the Fasciani emblem was displayed outside the entry of a tall, stately building. Once inside, we were greeted by Romina and escorted into the office of Alberto Fasciani. As a small boutique retailer, we are somewhat humbled as Mr. Fasciani sits with us at his desk and begins to describe his company, the products, the process and his vision.

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How MOMA makes shoes

For all the MOMA fans and shoe lovers out there, if you haven’t already, you must check out this video. This is an inside look at how MOMA shoes are made, by hand, in their Italy headquarters. The video is amazing as a short film, beautifully edited, with a focus for detail , and topped off with an excellent soundtrack.

MOMA – Midnight Over My Actions from SUGARKANE studio on Vimeo.

New MOMA spring styles have recently arrived for men and women. Here is a little preview for all the MOMA lovers out there. Visit our website, or stop by our store to see more of our new spring shoes.


MOMA 13208 Pull On Boot for Men in Grigio

MOMA 35208 at re-souLMOMA 35203 Ankle Boot for Women

Other new springs styles from MOMA are:
> MOMA 33208 Oxford for Women
> MOMA 48205 Boot for Women
> MOMA 13207 Relaxed Dress Shoe for Men
> MOMA 19201 Oxford for Men
> MOMA 20201 Desert Boot for Men

We have received a lot of new shoes recently, and we will keep you updated through our facebook and our blog. So be sure to keep an eye on re-souL!