Mondays, Maggie Muses: Present & Correct’s Stationary Compositions

Do you love stationary? I do. It’s starting to become a real problem. I have more journals, notebooks, planners, writing instruments , markers, well lets just say I probably will never run out of the stuff. I am very fond of Present & Correct. A beautifully designed and curated on-line and brick and mortar shop based in London. I visit their site and dream of going to their shop one day. The owners are both graphic designers and go on sourcing trips to find their treasures. How fun is that?!

A few months ago they started an ” extra curricular project” – Stationary Compositions. Clever, graphic and colorful they make the most mundane things look like mini works of art. Here are some of my favorites.


Present and Correct 1

10 Soft Pencil Erasers



Used sticker sheet, 4 pencil top erasers, some pink masking tape.



4 pencils, 20 erasers, 2 index cards.



Three stickers, one envelope, one sharpener.



Divider card, 3 Cuisenaire rods, eraser, old index tabs.



8 Post It Notes.



6 card maths counters, 1 gridded notebook, 1 piece of graph paper.



4 transclear envelopes


Aren’t they fantastic? For more clever  Stationary Compostions head over to Present & Correct’s tumblr feed here. All images are property of Present & Correct.

Have a great week!





Mondays, Maggie Muses: Art Deco Inspiration

I don’t know if it’s I am simply tired of the rain, and I am craving warmer weather, as we all do this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. But I have been pinning images to our Pinterest boards in crazy color combinations that can only be described as Miami Beach Art Deco for the lack of a better description. The pastel colors of pink and mint juxtapositioned against purples,blues, and yellows just look to me. Or maybe I am having an 80’s flashback of Nagels and bad southwest decor? I don’t know, I’ll let you be the judge.









So what do you think? Fresh and new or bad 80’s? Have a great Monday!

Mondays, Maggie Muses: Tony Ziebetzki’s Type Scan Alphabet

I have been on a paper art kick lately. I also am drawn to typography. German graphic designer Tony Ziebetzki came up with something that can only be described as artful and intriguing. Using just paper, scalpel, ruler and scanner he has created an alphabet that is visually impactful. The fact that each letter has its own unique personality is equally impressive. Who knew that using just 4 elements could create remarkable results? Obviously Ziebetzki did!

Type Scan Alphabet - A

Type Scan Alphabet – A

Type Scan Alphabet -B

Type Scan Alphabet -B

Type Scan Alphabet - N

Type Scan Alphabet – N

Type Scan Alphabet - F

Type Scan Alphabet – F

Type Scan Alphabet - Q

Type Scan Alphabet – Q

Awesome, don’t you think? To view more of Ziebetzki’s Type Scan Alphabet, jump on over to his profile on Behance. All pictures are property of Tony Ziebetzki.

Mondays, Maggie Muses: Ispira Visual Book

Since I am in Italy at the moment, I thought it would be fun to post about a book that I will try and hunt down while I’m in Milan. Seriously.

Ispira Visual Book by Fedrigoni

Ispira Visual Book by Fedrigoni

I love books, especially art and design books. I also love paper! Ooh, and graphic design. I am a certified graphic design geek. I studied it for a couple of years, but felt it wasn’t the right field for me at the time. So I went into retail instead. Crazy, I know.

But I digress.  I came across this via Behance, and was immediately drawn to the intense colors. This tactile inspirational book made by Fedrigoni called Ispira Visual Book is a feast for the eyes! Fedrigoni is an Italian company that specializes in the production of fine papers for printing, publishing, labels, bookbinding and paper products. They wanted to create a book that would showcase their papers and various techniques in printing, but with no words. It looks like a bunch of folders, but as you flip the pages it looks as though each page would be a little invitation to inspect closer or touch. Take a look at these pictures below and be sure to check out the “Feel the Inspiration”video here too for the process in making this book. Go ahead, it’s okay, I’ll wait.

Isn’t it fantastic? I want to buy this book and run my fingers all over it. All images courtesy of

Have an inspiring week! ~ Maggie