Support during the time of Corona

Hi friends, how are you doing today? We are well and taking each day one day at a time while trying to figure out what business may look like in the future. First let us say the we know that things are not easy for anyone, especially when it comes to spending money. But did you know there are other ways you can help champion local small businesses in your community? In the midst of COVID19 here are four things you can do to show your support without spending a dime.

1. Write a review. If you had a great experience or bought something fantastic that you love, write a kind review on their Google profile page or Facebook page. This helps other customers know that the business you support is great and may want to consider shopping there too.

2. Follow them on social media like Instagram or Facebook. Follow and like as many posts as you can. If you leave a comment, well that’s a bonus too. The more engagement they receive the more the posts get seen, which in turn helps them reach potential new customers.

3. Share your favorite purchases or experiences on your feeds and stories. We shop owners love to see them and will probably share them with the world too.  It makes us happy to share the way you live and experience life, a walk in the park with your dog, a fantastic meal your prepared, etc.

4. Send your favorite business a kind note or email. Let them know that you will support them when they come back and open their doors. That connection means the world to us because you are part of our community and that is the reason we started a small business to begin with!

Thank you for visiting us here on the blog. We hope we were able to give you some ideas that won’t hurt the pocket book. Stay safe, continue to practice social distancing, and wash your hands! ~ xo team re-souL