What to Wear: Yellow Shoes



Hello! It’s time for another “What to Wear” installment. We have been receiving lots of new items in the past couple of weeks. Please go to resoul.com to see the latest arrivals!

This week we focus on the color yellow. People tend to get intimidated by color but, really there is nothing to be self conscious about. Think of colored shoes as an added accessory  to your basics. Yellow looks great with neutrals such as white, gray, black and navy.  We really like yellow with blue, as you’ll see in the following examples.


Casual loafers are not meant just for pants. We love this little fringe moccasin and the functionality of it. Designed to wear as a shoe or as a slide, we think these would look great with a striped cotton dress. The look is effortless yet pulled together.


Sporty slides likes these would look great with a casual jumpsuit or romper. We like the way they would look with this chambray denim number. Perfect for a casual shopping day or an afternoon at the park.


Have a a special wedding or event this spring? Low heel dress slides are the trend this season. We love how these would look with a graphic floral dress. And you will not have to suffer at your event in teetering heels!

Hope this gives you some confidence to try some color on your feet. To see these and all the new arrivals at re-souL, click here.





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