Proud to Present: Cado Jewelry by Dorina Camusso


One day, a year ago last Fall, owner Maggie found herself walking back to her B&B in Milan after attending a shoe trade show.  She needed an afternoon of decompressing. Shopping the storefronts of the neighborhood seemed like a good way to relax before heading off to dinner.

She walked into a gift shop called Brandstorming where she found locally made gifts and jewelry by Milanese artisans. After buying a necklace she asked the shop owner about the designer and would she be willing to contact Cado on Maggie’s behalf. The shop owner obliged and the next thing you know, Maggie had scheduled herself an appointment for the next day. 

Cado (meaning to sink in Italian) is the design house-studio of Dorina Camusso. Dorina started to design hats after a long career as an industrial engineer in 2007. After years of designing parts and cogs, she was feeling uninspired and decided to pursue her passion for designing fashion accessories instead. She made hats from fabrics such as boiled wool and water resistant canvas with detachable zippers to change the silhouette and look of the hat. Next, she started designing straw hats for the summer collection. Dorina doesn’t let anything go to waste and finds ways to recycle and reuse her materials. The jewelry came as an afterthought in trying to reuse the scraps of material from the making of straw hats.



Jump forward a couple of years and the evolution is a line of jewelry that is striking and bold. You can see Dorina’s engineer training in the moving parts of the necklaces.  They slide back and forth on the silk cords. She makes them all herself and entirely by hand.  Bright colors of plexiglass, straw, and wood are combined to make unique statement pieces. Cuff bracelets are made with elastic straps that lay on the wrist perfectly. To view the entire collection, come to our shop in Ballard. Some of the necklaces are available online at re-souL. 








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