5 Rad Gift Ideas for Dad


With Father’s Day around the corner, we thought we would suggest some ideas that dad will be sure to appreciate. Okay, technically it’s more than 5 gifts, but we’re not counting. We have too many apropos things not to include on this list. Besides, dad never buys anything for himself so you should do it for him. Because what father really needs another coffee mug or silly tie anyway? Do dads still wear ties?


1. For the dad that needs to carry a bag.

This messenger from Aunts and Uncles is a great choice for the guy who has a few things to lug around. This bag will hold a tablet or small laptop along with all of his other tech gadgets. Smarter looking than the average nylon bag.aunts_and_uncles_zac_bag_black

2. For the dad that needs to lose his Costanza brick.

We have a nice selection of wallets and card holders from Bellroy and J Fold. Tell dad to ditch that old velcro thing he’s been carrying since before you were born. You won’t be embarrassed any longer when he reaches for the check at dinner.


3. For the dad that needs to up his sock game or whose socks are holier than thou.

Who wants to wear boring old black dress socks? Not the rad dad, that’s for sure. We have a large collection of Stance socks that are show stoppers as well as super comfortable. While you’re at it, give him a shoehorn too. Tell him to stop crushing the backs of his dress shoes trying to get into them.

4. For the dad that has almost everything.

So your dad is super cool and has almost everything he could ever need. How about a luggage tag that tells everyone to back off his bag, brass collar stays for his dress shirts or a sleek money clip? He probably doesn’t have any of those things, Owen and Fred to the rescue!

5. For the dad that needs to travel.

If your dad is always on the go, remind him how awesome you think he is when he reaches for his toothbrush inside this dob kit from Owen and Fred.  Think of it as positive reinforcement for the start of his day.
Thanks for stopping by! We hope to help you soon with those gifts for dad. ~ team re-souL. 



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