Gift Guides for Your Favorite People

With the holiday season upon us, we thought we would show you some fun and easy gift giving items for all the favorites on your list. Or, maybe provide some strong hints to those who are shopping for you? Wink. Wink. For a closer look of items listed below, click on the links to be taken to our website or if indicated store only, give us a call, we’d be happy to help you pick the perfect present!


Gift Guide : The Colorist

The Colorist


Let’s start with a guide for the ones who are not afraid of color. We dare you not to smile at this picture. Who doesn’t like color, right? We get giddy just looking at all these items.

  1. Birds of Ply –  For the perfect pet bird you don’t need to feed. (In-store only)
  2. Archetoys – For the adult who has always been a kid at heart.
  3. Pouch – Fun hand screen printed pouches for the design enthusiast.
  4. Jewelry – Colorful baubles are always a good idea. We have a great selection in the shop. (In-store only)
  5. Watch – Go old school with a modern timepiece.
  6. Socks – No shortage of fun socks around here! Up their sock game with some color. Click here and here.
  7. Notebooks – We love these Memphis inspired notebooks. We think they will too!
  8. Alice & Wonderland – You won’t need to go down the rabbit hole for this one, just come into re-souL.  (In-store only)

Gift Guide : The Modernist

The Modernist


A monochrome gift guide for the person who likes to keep things simple with a black and white palette. Gift ideas are listed as follows, top to bottom, left to right.

  1. Flatform Oxfords – You’ll be stepping out in comfort and style with these black and white beauties.
  2. Pouch – Spread some love and peace with this hand screen printed pouch.
  3. Notebook – Confetti never looked so fun and way less annoying than the real stuff.
  4. Socks – Stance socks are our personal go-to-socks of the season. We love the pattern of this boot sock.
  5. Bracelet –  A woven beaded bracelet for the bohemian-minimalist. (In-store only)
  6. Wristlet – re-souL has collaborated with local leather designer Miishka to make the perfect minimalist pouch.
  7. Necklace – We love this necklace from I. Ronni Kappos! Every one of her creations is a work of art. (In-store only)
  8. Socks – We have a large selection of socks from Good Luck Socks, come take a peak. (In-store only)
  9. Watch –  No time to decide what to buy, pick up a classic from Alessi.


Gift Guide : The Naturalist

The Naturalist


This gift guide features wood, leather, cotton, and wool. Of course, we have some great leather care products for the do-it-yourself type too.

  1. Leather Case: The perfect sleeve for an iPad or the analog sketchbook and pencils.
  2. Coin Purse: Molded over a wood form, this case is great for keeping earbuds safe too.
  3. Socks: These Stance socks are comfortable and made with natural fibers. Buy one pair or splurge on a gift box.
  4. Wooden Necklace: Statement necklace for the naturalist. Available in shop only.
  5. Phone Case/Wallet: Bellroy designed the perfect iPhone case/wallet to keep all of your valuables together.
  6. Leather Shoe Care Kit: The DIY person who loves taking care of their leather will love these tools and kit by Otter Wax.


For additional ideas on gift giving this year, visit our online gift guides by clicking on these links: The Colorist, The Modernist, The Naturalist. Happy Holidays!

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