WTWW Men’s Edition: Officine Creative Anatomia Loafer

Each Wednesday we’ll answer the on-going question: “What do I wear with these?”  It’s a question we get quite often here at the shop and we love giving suggestions when helping our customers. 




Sometimes, guys see a loafer in the shop and say “I don’t know how to pull that penny loafer, slip-on, thing off.” Well, let us show you, gentlemen. A really nice loafer will go with just about anything. Especially this beauty from Officine Creative. We like them with jeans or casual trousers. The key is to wear them with”no socks.” Wink. Wink. We have a nice collection of Stance Super Invisibles socks in the shop right now that will be perfect for the warmer days. So go ahead, get out of your sneaks and into a pair of classic loafers. They’ll look great on you!


Officine Creative and Stance Socks available at resoul.com
(shirt link here, jeans link here)


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