Mondays, Maggie Muses: Black and White Christmas

I love color! I really do. You should see our home. Not a single white wall. If I can ever keep our house clean enough, I’ll show you and you’ll see that I’m all about the color.

Then I see pictures like these! I sometimes get the itch to go completely neutral like those beautiful Scandinavian apartments and country houses in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. You know the ones. The homes with white walls, big windows, plenty of natural light, and gleaming hardwood floors?

Well, unless Santa decides to bring me a professional paint contractor, (and a housekeeper) this will not be happening anytime soon. I have already painted too many walls in my somewhat short life and it’s not high on my priority list. But still, look at these festive decorations!  Tell me they don’t make you want to decorate in black and white too!


Black and White

Clockwise from the top left: a festive tray by Daniella Witte / presents by My Attic / paper ornaments by Minieco/ paper cut bell jar by In the Dark Woods/ home accents by Bolina/ a stylish bedroom by Menchant Design


Black, White and Natural

Clockwise from top left: table decor by My Little Party/ coffee table decorations by Draumesider/ livingroom by My Scandinavian Home/ snow sign by House Doctor via Signepling/ small living tree by Inspiration & Design Blog


Black, White and a Pop of Color

Cockwise from top left: neon tablescape via Good Housekeeping/ Christmas table setting by Casa Andersen/ DIY Christmas tree by My Attic/ styled livingroom by Style at Home

There’s only 9 more days until Christmas. I wish you all a happy Monday and a stress free week!

~ Maggie

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