Studio Story: An Interview with Elisa Shere

Studio Story is a post we are dedicating to the amazing and creative designers we have here in the shop. We thought it would be fun to know their story and what inspires them. 

Elisa Shere is a jewelry designer  from Seattle who handcrafts her pieces using recycled, non-mined sterling silver that was processed in an earth friendly manner. She also believes in being environmentally conscious in her studio too and therefore has eliminated most chemicals from her work space. Her collection is slightly industrial with pieces that are clean and simple. Elisa’s jewelry is sold in small boutiques throughout the country and through her shop on We spoke with her recently to see what inspires her personally and her process of creating her modern organic jewelry. 

What is your background?

I became interested in making things at a very young age. When other kids signed up for swimming camp, I signed up for pottery or painting classes. I was very interested in hand built ceramics in high school and ended up getting a BFA in ceramics from Colorado State University and afterwards became a studio potter at Pottery Northwest.

 When did you start designing jewelry? How did you start your business?

About 7 years ago I was interested in trying something new and signed up for a metal smithing class at Pratt here in Seattle. It immediately clicked and my skills and designs progressed quickly. In January 2006 I opened my Etsy shop, and launched my line – Elisa Shere Jewelry. Since then my business has grown, I was able to quit my day job as an advertising project manager and currently sell my jewelry at craft shows and stores across the country.

What is your typical work style? What is your studio environment like?

I fabricate each piece of jewelry in my studio, which is quite large and in the unfinished basement of our 1920’s house in the North Admiral neighborhood. My studio has strange old house features, such as glass windows that open into the interior of the house and little wooden cubbies. It was clearly someone else’s workshop at sometime, which I love. It’s a charming space and the raw/vintage, rustic qualities are perfect for my aesthetic.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

The three things I couldn’t live without: a good book, my favorite boots and The Mindy Project (I seriously can’t get over how funny and brilliant this show is, I really like good comedy)

 What are 3 things that inspire you?

For inspiration, I love modern + interior design and find that looking at home design sites, such as Apartment Therapy inspire me. I know that’s strange since I’m a jeweler, but the home accessories and furniture inform me of shape trends. I also enjoy looking through friend’s “favorites” on, I find that to be refreshing and lastly, I very much enjoy being outside and going on walks, that is truly what inspires me the most.

What are you currently working on? What are you looking forward to this holiday?

I’m currently elbow (neck?) deep in production for the three holiday shows I’ll be participating in very soon. I’ll be selling my goods here in Seattle at the Etsy Rain show on 11/29 + 30 and also at shows in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. My favorite time of year is after all my shows are over and I can go shopping for gifts and take a few weeks off to spend with family and friends.

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