Mondays, Maggie Muses: Photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt

I am the first one to admit that pretty pictures are an addiction for me. Curse you Pinterest! No. Not really. It’s the preferred addiction of choice. Anyway, reviewing my pins as of late, I noticed that a lot of my favorite images have the same feel.  After doing some further investigation I came upon, an agency dedicated to promoting still life photographers.  This is where I found Heidi Lerkenfeldt. Turns out, I have pinned many of her images onto my boards!

Heidi Lerkenfeldt is one of Still Stars’s stars, and rightly so.  Collaborating with companies such as Ferm Living and stylist Lotta Agaton, to name just a couple, her portfolio is impressive. Maybe it’s her Scandinavian esthetic that attracts me. Her use of light, color and minimalist composition all seem to create a peaceful mood. Whether she is photographing interiors, lifestyle, stills or food they all have the same beautiful tone which makes her work so appealing.

House and Hold, Heidi Lerkenfeldt

House and Hold

 Beck and Sondergard Studio, Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Beck and Sondergaard

Ferm Living, Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Ferm Living

Still Stars, Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Interior Still

Brugi, Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Macaroons by Brugi

Still life, Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Still Life Image

 Beck and Sondergard Studio, Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Beck and Sondergaard Studio

Modern, yet pretty don’t you think? All images property of Still Stars and Heidi Lerkenfeldt. To view more of Heidi Lerkenfeldt’s work click here and here.

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