Fall Trend Essential: The Oxford


Over the next few weeks we will be posting fall trends essentials for this season.  Today we start with the oxford.  An oxford, derby or brogue as some people call it, is basically a lace-up shoe with a low heel. Oxfords have been around for oh, I don’t know, a couple of centuries. They are  having a bit of resurgence as of late and they are not just for the men.  So how do you wear an oxford without looking like a frump? Here are some looks that we like. Borrowed from the boys but with a feminine twist.

Inspiration 1:  For work,  try pairing a slightly higher heel with a tailored blouse and cigarette trousers for a more polished casual look.

Inspiration 2: If you are a minimalist, a simple silk top and wool pants can be updated with a wingtip style.

Inspiration 3: Feeling artsy? How about pairing a bold color with crew socks and a dress? Also  would look great with tights, of course.

Inspiration 4: Loving the oxford look but can’t deal with the laces? A mock oxford with jeans looks more casually cool than a pair of sneaks.

So what do you think? Ready to give oxfords a try?

All the shoes featured can be found on our website resoul.com, or click here to view our entire collection of women’s shoes, oxfords included.

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