Mondays, Maggie Muses: The Art of the Pleat

Hi, I’m Maggie. My husband (Legh) and I own re-souL.   I like to “muse” about things that inspire me.  Especially on Mondays.

Art, fashion, architecture and interior design among other things, tend to influence each other.  Even though they are different mediums, artist and designers sometimes pull from the same inspirations.  After awhile, when you start to look at pretty pictures, (which I do a lot, more than I care to admit) you start to recognize certain trends.

For example, I have noticed how a simple pleat can be an influence.  Don’t believe me?  Scroll down and you’ll start to get the picture.

Paper Necklace from Lital Mendel via Design Milk.

Zaha Hadid Architects Pleated Shell Structures

Nicole Farhi Spring 2013 dress

Wedding Invitation by Modern Publicity

Ceramic Jewelry by Moko

See what I mean?

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