Mondays, Maggie Muses: All Hallows Eve a.k.a. Halloween

Hi, I’m Maggie. My husband (Legh) and I own re-souL.   I like to “muse” about things that inspire me.  Especially on Mondays.

I have been seeing lots of cool Halloween inspiration lately. People are so creative! I will first have to admit that I was never really into “all hallows eve”. ( Childhood excluded, of course.  Who doesn’t like candy? )

But now that I have a little boy, who plans his costume as early as the Halloween before, I am starting to get in the spirit.  Maybe because I am seeing Halloween through the eyes of my son that I have changed my ways.  So,  I think I will decorate our house up a bit for the occasion.  Maybe do a little more than just a jack-o-lantern.  I might even dress up this year!  You never know…..


All bkack table setting via Sweet Paul.

Thrift Store Halloween Finds via Urban Comfort

Child’s raven mask via Sundries and Plunders on Etsy

DIY black twig wreath via Eighteen 25

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