Proud to Present: Aunts and Uncles

Aunts & Uncles Mrs. Pumpkin in Caramel

re-souL is proud to present Aunts and Uncles,  a contemporary bag line that is designed in Germany and manufactured in India. With respect to the earth and it’s inhabitants, every detail of production was carefully thought through,  from the tanning process, to the fair trade practices in their factories.

After 5 years of hard work, many trips around the globe to find near perfect leathers and collaborations with their retail partners,  A&U has established a great collection that they could pour their heart and soul into.

From Left to Right: Mrs. Pancake in Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Indigo

Designed to be functional, hard working and stylish, each collection is its own story.  The name “Grandma’s Luxury Club” was inspired by grandma and the love for her pies.  It was created as a homage to the good times  –  grandma was smart, charming, had great memories to share and always original.

The “Grandmas” are made of vegetable tanned, sun dried, premium cowhide.  Dark vintage fittings and rivets highlight the hand polished finish of the leathers.  The inside pockets and lining are made of striped cotton ticking.  Like a cozy living room, it makes it fun to dig, explore and rummage through your bag. These bags are sure to become companions to your everyday life.

To see other Aunts and Uncles bags not featured in this post click here.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

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