Spring Color Story: Ocean Blues, Sea Greens

Ocean Blues, Sea Greens

Blues and greens; easy colors to wear that make you feel calm, serene and relaxed.  It’s no wonder that many designers included this palette in their collections for Spring/Summer 2012.  Influenced by the sea,  tropical rain forests and clear skies, these bright hues are sure to uplift you from the winter doldrums.

Aquamarine, cobalt turquoise, grass green, and ultramarine work nicely on their own.  They also look fresh in combinations with neutrals,  and super easy to wear especially in footwear!   Cobalt turquoise and grass green add punch to navy.  Aquamarine and ultramarine liven up white or black.  These colors give any basic wardrobe a little life and are sure to bring a spring into your step!

Whatever your style might be, there is always a little room for green or blue in your personal collection, don’t you think?  You can find the featured shoes at resouL.com.

Shoes Pictured in order from top to bottom:
> Women’s Esska Ghost in Teal
> Women’s Argila A860 Wedge Sandal in Botil (Kelly Green)
> Women’s Miz Mooz Hilary Sandal in Green

images courtesy: style.com, various blogs, and re-souL

One thought on “Spring Color Story: Ocean Blues, Sea Greens

  1. dangerboyandpixie says:

    In the land of perma – summer, our bedroom is lime green and our guest room is Bahama Blue. Serene? we sleep through the alarm!

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