The Rock Stars behind MOMA shoes

You love MOMA shoes, we love MOMA shoes, that’s a fact.  Please meet the genius behind the product that we all love, featured in the Italian version of Rolling Stone magazine, March 2012.  It all starts with the brothers, Gigio and Daniele Gironacci, who are inspiring their younger generation in the tradition of fine shoe design and production.  The facility where the MOMA shoes are manufactured is near the top of a hill surrounded by beautiful countryside in the town of Morrovalle, in the Marche region of Italy.

> Stay tuned for more photos and stories from our visit to the Marche region and to the factories which produce the most beautiful shoes in all of Italy. Click here.

Update: We have successfully translated the article from Italian to English,
for your reading pleasure:

Rock & Roll Handcrafters

“It is in this moment that the shoe starts to show its soul.” Gigio and Daniele Gironacci do not mince words when they explain the secret behind Moma shoes. Cigarette permanent in mouth, describes in detail each stage of the process – 100% handcraft – of their leather and sole creations. Each piece (individually), “because each Moma cannot ever be the same as the other Moma.”

The production process is only half way: we have seen the cutting of the vegetable tanned leather, the various components sewn by hand, amid the lingering smell of glue – which here means a love for manufacturing – as we listened Gigio explained how much research is behind the shape of the last, carved in wood and then replicated in plastic by sophisticated machinery.  Because it’s the passion of these brothers, Gironacci, and the irrelevant details contained in each Moma that speaks “volumes” about each pair, each step becomes important. And now, here we are in the most crucial moment of “tumbling” where in the first instant the shoe suddenly grows old, but only to become more “ours”. A path completely handcrafted, a process of pure experimentation, and “rock and roll” to the ‘nth power. Then one can understand why a Moma from the small village of Morrovalle can end up in the closet of Michael Stipe.

Hipster posers have nothing on the creative lords Gironacci.  Their children, which today contribute to the creation of collections, bring new ideas and identify trends.  They are simply passionate and eager to pass the culture of “vintage”. They are the undisputed pioneers, since 1991 when they presented themselves to the international trade show in Dusseldorf with the homemade booth where apart from the shoes, the only scene was the blaring out music of Bob Dylan. They set out to create stories, not shoes…

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