the re-souL “bret”

Last week we officially launched our new re-souL shoe collection for women. It’s a big step for us to launch our own brand and yet to us, it seems like a natural progression. Over the past 12 years in our shop, we are honored to have met countless customers and friends and we have a pretty good feel for their look and their style. Recently, in our travels to the marketplace and to trade shows, we have these customers in mind and it just felt like their needs are not being met by the usual brands. So it makes sense to us, with our background in shoe design, to take it to the next level and design our own collection.

Our shoes are very much styled after specific people that we know and love. Everyday basics, stylish and comfortable, they are up-to-date and available in colors because that’s what she wants to see. For the next few weeks we will regularly feature a shoe from the new re-souL collection. We’ll portray a personality of someone we know that inspired the design of the shoe.


re-souL bret

This shoe was inspired by our dear friend Bret. Bret’s background is interior design but she is a woman of many talents and has style to spare. Bret is all about her family and keeps them close. Her favorite color is white, she has a weakness for chocolate and she is never far from her iPhone. A diligent planner who is always on the go, she is constantly juggling projects, chasing kids, writing letters or baking. No matter the task, she makes it all look easy. She is on it and her style reflects her confidence. She is a gal who always looks put together in her sophisticated neutrals of black, white and taupe, even when she is not trying. Her accessories are modern and reflect her design esthetic, clean and simple. This shoe is for the woman on the go and she knows what she likes, she knows she looks good and her secret is that she feels good too!


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“Ballard Gives” Black Friday

Ballard Gives Black Friday

If you have not visited re-souL at our shop on Ballard Avenue, you wouldn’t know that our neighborhood is a remarkable mix of small, independent and locally owned businesses.  The “Shop Local” mentality is alive and well here in Ballard and this year, we hope you’ll join us in our own version of Black Friday.

Many Ballard area businesses are promoting the “Ballard Gives” Black Friday on the day after Thanksgiving.  No “doorbusters” here but instead, a more socially conscious effort.  Area businesses are partnering with local non-profits to donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization of their choice.

This year, re-souL will donate 5% of sales for November 29th AND 30th to the Ballard Boys and Girls club.  It is our way of saying “thanks” to the neighborhood which has been very kind to us over the past 11+ years!

When you shop locally, three times the revenue remains in your community. Non-profit organizations receive an average of 250% more support from local business owners than they do from non-locally owned businesses.  We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Black Friday in a whole new way.  Please help support your local small businesses and know that you’re doing the right thing by your community.

Thanks as always, and we hope to see you soon!