What’s New This Week? Early Fall Arrivals!

This week the weather has been grand! And although we have been enjoying our summer months, these new arrivals from Coclico, P. Monjo and Officine Creative have us craving (just a little bit) for fall. Here is just a sneak peek of some of the styles we have just received in the shop this week.

Officine Creative Boots FW14

Officine Creative Boots:  Top – Lexicon 15, Bottom- Godard 15


Coclico FW14

Coclico: Top – Iris, Bottom – Sarah


P.Monjo boots FW14

P. Monjo: Top – Clasch, Bottom – Kling


Look out for these collections to be on our website soon,  but in the meantime come by the shop to check out all of our early fall deliveries. See you soon?

What to Wear Wednesday: How to Wear Red T-Strap Wedges.

Each Wednesday we’ll answer the on-going question: “What do I wear with these?”  It’s a question we get quite often here at the shop and we love giving suggestions when helping our customers. 



What to Wear with Red T-straps


Awe, summer in the PNW. One of my favorite things about summer is the variety of berries we get to eat. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, we like them all!  So this weeks color palette is inspired by the blues and reds of summer berries.  We love these fun new red t-straps we received from Kudeta. Wear them with skirts and dresses for work , or give your boyfriend jeans a feminine touch in lieu of your sneakers. The soft leather will make you feel like you are wearing gloves on your feet. And who doesn’t love a red pair of shoes?

Featured re-souL items:

> Kudeta red t-strap wedge shoe, made in Italy.
> Color block tote by Winter Session, made in the USA. 


To view the other items featured along with their links as well as more outfit pairing suggestions, check out re-souL’s profile on polyvore.

Top 5 Sandals to Wear Right Now


Top 5 Sandals to Wear Right Now

Strappy and bold, these are the summer sandals you could be wearing right now:  1. Kudeta back-zip sandal, 2. Chie Mihara “Etrus” sandal, 3. Coclico “Tyrion” sandal, 4. Cydwoq “Tomcat” sandal, 5. Walk “Collar” sandal.


PS. Numbers 2,3 and 5 are on-saLe now too. Happy shopping!


To view the other items featured along with their links as well as more outfit pairing suggestions, check out re-souL’s profile on polyvore.


Mondays, Maggie Muses: Small Independent Retail


Curtis Steiner Jax  Joon, and Hotel Ballard,  Coastal Living Magazine July/August 2014


This Monday I am musing about retail. Small retail. Independent retail. I feel the need to spread the word about how essential small business is to the retail culture. Sure, you can buy everything you could ever want with your Amazon Prime account. But really, doesn’t it take all the fun out of the shopping experience when all you have to do to buy something is click a button?

So I am reccommending that you go to your neighborhood corridor and visit those small independents the next time you need some retail therapy. Heck, if you’re travelling, seek out those independent shops! Go to the Ballards, Lower Eastside, and Pearl Districts of the world. Find out where the locals go. You will be inspired and have a fond keepsake of that trip you took to Spain because you bought something special and unique from that funky small shop in Sitges.

So without getting on my soapbox about why we all need to support small retailers, how it would be a much sadder world without them, let me just show you images of some fantastic shops from around the world instead. Ready?

Nannie Inez, Austin

Nannie Inez, Austin



 Still House, East Village, New York







Geszeft, Katowice via Style Sight

Pretty fantastic, right? Please support your small and independent retailers. They are what make shopping so fun! Have a great start to your week! – xo ~ Maggie